Red Flower Golden Mirror Ball For the Shrine 神枱金鏡紅花球


This is a decoration for the deity shrine, located at the top front side center of shrine. We have different size, please measure the size of your shrine before purchase. The size might have a few cm difference.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Flower diameter: 6cm, Mirror diameter: 2.5cm, Cloth Width: 4cm, Entire length: 66cm, Flower diameter: 8cm, Mirror diameter: 3cm, Cloth Width: 5.5cm, Entire length: 94cm, Flower diameter: 9cm, Mirror diameter: 3.5cm, Cloth Width: 7cm, Entire length: 103cm, Flower diameter: 10cm, Mirror diameter: 4cm, Cloth Width: 8cm, Entire length: 174cm, Flower diameter: 13cm, Mirror diameter: 6.5cm, Cloth Width: 11cm, Entire length: 216cm, Flower diameter: 15cm, Mirror diameter: 7.5cm, Cloth Width: 12.5cm, Entire length: 270cm, Flower diameter: 17cm, Mirror diameter: 10cm, Cloth Width: 14cm, Entire length: 326cm, Flower diameter: 20cm, Mirror diameter: 12cm, Cloth Width: 15.5cm, Entire length: 330cm, Flower diameter: 27cm, Mirror diameter: 12cm, Cloth Width: 19.5cm, Entire length: 390cm, Flower diameter: 28cm, Mirror diameter: 15cm, Cloth Width: 22cm, Entire length: 454cm