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We are a Hong Kong based company sells Chinese traditional joss paper offerings and related products to worldwide customers.

Chinese Traditional Ceremony 中國傳統儀式

Hungry Ghost Festival Ceremony and Offerings 中國盂蘭節中元節儀式和供品

According to the traditional southern Chinese cultural (included Hong Kong), the Hungry Ghost Festival (also known as Zhongyuan Festival) is...
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Chinese Traditional Ceremony 中國傳統儀式

Looking for a good marriage? Ask Yue Lao for help 尋找美好的婚姻?可以試試向月老求助

Yue Lao (also known as " the old man under the moon") who believes to be the deity unites with...
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Fortune Stick 靈簽

The 100 Wong Tai Sin Fortune Sticks 黃大仙靈簽 (全部100簽文內容)

Wong Tai Sin is a Taoist deity. Rumor said that he met a Taoist saint at the country side of...
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Fortune Stick 靈簽

The 96 Che Kung Fortune Sticks 車公靈簽 (全部九十六簽文內容)

Che Kung is a Taoist Deity. He protected the emperor of Chinese in the Song dynasty against the Mongolian army...
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Chinese Traditional Ceremony 中國傳統儀式

The 24 Solar Terms of Lunar Year in Chinese Traditional Culture

There are total 24 solar terms in each lunar year accordingly to the Chinese traditional. The 24 solar terms indicated...
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Tung Shing Guide 通勝指南

Spring Ox Diagram in Tung Shing – Forecast the General Weather of the Lunar Year

In Tung Shing, there is a spring ox diagram in the beginning section which used to predict the corresponding lunar...
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Tung Shing Guide 通勝指南

How to use Tung Shing to search for a suitable date to perform an event

In this post, we are going to describe how Tung Shing (Chinese divination guide and almanac) is being used to...
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Chinese Traditional Ceremony 中國傳統儀式

Cleansing new house by worship the four corners of the new house 拜四角步驟方法

The steps to worship the four corners Open all the windows if the house, make sure that the house has...
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Joss Paper Set 拜神套裝

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Chinese Oblation 祭品

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Literary Text Joss Paper 表文

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Joss Paper Clothes Offerings 祭祀燒紙衣服套裝

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Incense Stick and Candle 香燭

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Taoism/Chinese Culture Books 道教/中國文化書籍

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Taoist/Chinese Traditional Ceremony Equipment 道教/中國傳統儀式用具

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Feng Shui Equipment 更多風水設備

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Charm & Card 符和卡

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Household Deity Tablet 神主牌

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Fortune Stick Set 籤筒套裝

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Stamp 印章

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Fai Chun 揮春

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