Fill in the details at the ancestor joss paper bag 代寫拜祖先付薦袋資料

This service is to fill up the details at the front of the ancestor joss paper bag which bought from us. We will ship the finishing product along with the details on the bag.
Please provide us the following details:
1. Ancestor name
2. Relationship with the ancestor
3. The joss paper burning date (we will convert the date into lunar date for you)

We will not accept joss paper offerings ancestor paper bag which is not bought from us.

Please make sure to leave us a valid email at checkout for us to get the details or your could email us the details to [email protected] once the order is placed.



請確保在結賬時給我們留下有效的電子郵件,以便我們獲取詳細信息,或者您可以在下訂單後將詳細信息通過電子郵件發送至 [email protected]


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