Literary Text Joss Paper for the “Thank Deity Ritual” 還神表文


It is to be used in the “thank deity ritual”, by writing the details of the person (name, address, date of thank etc) who has wished with the deity and the wish has come true. This joss paper is to be used along with other joss paper in the “thank deity ritual”. This price is for 1 unit. The size unfolded is about 18.5cm x 26.5cm.

它用於“還神儀式”,寫下向神許願並且願望實現的人的詳細信息(姓名,地址,感謝日期等)。在“還神儀式”中,這張紙要與其他紙一起燒掉。此價格為 1 個單位。展開尺寸約為18.5cm x 26.5cm。

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