Traditional Chinese Joss Paper Offerings Compact Set for The Yuanshi Tianzun 精裝拜太上老君燒紙


This set of Chinese traditional joss paper is for The Yuanshi Tianzun. It included longevity gold joss paper, Dai Gong Bo joss paper, Benefactor Joss Paper, One Hundred Exorcistic Talisman Medium Size, The Yuanshi Tianzun Clad Joss Paper. The graphic of the items may vary from the photo. If you want extra items, please visit our Chinese Oblation page.

這套中國傳統祭品是拜太上老君使用。 該套裝包括壽金, 大江寶, 中百解符, 太上老君衣, 貴人燒紙。 物品的圖形可能與照片不同。如果您需要額外的物品,請訪問我們祭品網頁

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