Taoist Item for Moving into New House 拜四角用品套裝


This set of Taoist joss paper is for use when moving into a new house. The set is included 4 set of joss paper for us at the four corner of the house and one set of joss paper for use at the center of the house. A paper of the house detail is require to fill in. Full instruction paper is included in the package. The graphic of the items may vary from the photo.

For steps on using the item, please visit: Worship the Four Corners at New Home Method

Please aware that the combination of the joss papers in the set might be different from places to places, as well as cultural background.

這套道教祭品是搬進新房時拜四角使用的。 該套裝包括在房子的四個角拜的祭品 , 一套在房屋中央使用的祭品。 一張需要填寫房屋詳細信息的契。 包裝中包含完整的說明書。物品的圖形可能與照片不同



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