Five Treasures Set Joss Paper Offerings 執五寶拜祭燒紙

This price is for 1 unit of Five Treasures Set Joss Paper Offerings. This set is aim for Deity and Ancestors ceremony. The set contain most needed joss papers included Benefactor Joss Paper, Green Horse Benefactor Joss Paper, Immortals of Harmony and Unity Joss Paper, Long life and wealth joss paper and other related joss paper.

此價格為 1 套五寶拜祭燒紙。這套是為了拜神明和祖先的儀式。該套裝包含需要的拜祭燒紙,包括貴人燒紙、大綠馬拜祭燒紙、和合二仙燒紙、長壽富貴燒紙和其他相關。


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