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Looking for a good marriage? Ask Yue Lao for help 尋找美好的婚姻?可以試試向月老求助

Yue Lao

Yue Lao (also known as ” the old man under the moon”) who believes to be the deity unites with a silken cord all predestined couples according to Chinese traditional and because of this, many Chinese will worship Yue Lao hoping to have a good marriage.

The way to worship Yue Lao:

  1. Look for an open area with fresh air and well-ventilated which is legal and safe to burn joss paper and able to see the moon.
  2. Setup a table for the oblations with a red table cloth (the cloth should be fire proof), the table should face the moon’s direction.
  3. Prepare the following oblations and place them on to the table:
    • Candy and Fruits (apple, orange etc, do not use pear as the pronunciation in Chinese sounds like “separate”)
    • 3 cups of Chinese tea
    • Flowers in a vase
    • Incense sticks and a holder
    • 2 red candle
    • 1 red string
    • 1 red packet envelope with double happiness character on it (the double happiness character  is commonly used in Chinese wedding)
    • Joss paper for Yue Lao
  4. First light up the 2 red candles and stick them into the Incense sticks holder.
  5. Face to the direct of the moon, light up the incense sticks, hold them, and start to wish for having the love of your life or a good relationship.
  6. Stick the incense sticks into the Incense sticks holder.
  7. Pick up the red string, and rotate clockwise 3 times above the incense sticks, make the wish again.
  8. Place the red string into the red packet envelope.
  9. Burn the joss papers at a safe and legal place.

Keep the red packet envelope with the red string at your wallet/purse or bag you will normally carry daily for the blessing of Yue Lao.

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月老(又稱 “月下老人”),按照中國傳統,月老為掌管男女婚姻姻緣之神,因此,許多中國人拜月老,希望得到婚姻愛情。


  1. 尋找空氣新鮮、通風良好的空曠地帶,可以合法安全地燒香和燒紙,還能看到月亮。
  2. 用一塊紅色的桌布(桌布應是防火的)為祭品設置一張桌子,桌子應該朝向月亮的方向。
  3. 準備以下祭品放在桌子上:
    • 糖果和水果(蘋果、橙子等,不要用梨,因為漢語發音像“離”)
    • 3杯中國茶
    • 花在花瓶
    • 香和香爐
    • 2紅蠟燭
    • 1根紅繩
    • 1個紅包信封,上面有”囍”字(”囍”字在中式婚禮中常用)
    • 月老的燒紙
  4. 首先點亮 2 支紅蠟燭,然後將它們插入香爐。
  5. 面對月亮的方向,點燃香,握住它們,開始祈求擁有好婚姻。
  6. 將香插入香爐。
  7. 拿起紅繩,在香柱上方順時針旋轉3圈,再次許願。
  8. 將紅繩放入紅包信封中。
  9. 在安全合法的地方燒錢。


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Traditional Chinese Joss Paper Offerings Compact Set for Yue Lao 精裝拜月老燒紙套裝
Traditional Chinese Joss Paper Offerings Compact Set for Yue Lao 精裝拜月老燒紙套裝