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Hungry Ghost Festival Ceremony and Offerings 中國盂蘭節中元節儀式和供品

Hungry Ghost Festival

According to the traditional southern Chinese cultural (included Hong Kong), the Hungry Ghost Festival (also known as Zhongyuan Festival) is on the 14th of the seventh lunar month and the entire seventh Lunar month called the Ghost Month.

Also according to the Chinese cultural, it is believe that the late people with bad karma and rebirth at the hungry ghost realm suffering all the time will be released from the realm during the Hungry Ghost Festival and pay visit to their family at the human realm and therefore family member will prepare for food, incense and joss offerings for the late to enjoy.

In Hong Kong during the Ghost month, people would prepare food at the street (to avoid ghost to follow home) with food offerings mainly vegetarian products (avoid meat to stop giving more bad karma to the late) included tofu, sprout, fruit, longan, peanuts, candies and cooked rice in cold water (all food normally are cold as Hungry Ghost realm is heated) they will also prepare for red candles, incense and joss paper offerings include joss clothing, hell tokens, Rebirth In Pureland Mantra in Printed for the late, hoping that the late can use them and to reach the pureland. The candles, incense and joss offerings will burning next to the food and at the end of the ceremony, people will normally throw everything away before going home and not bringing anything to home.

Please remind that burning paper or leave food in public is considering illegal in some countries. Do not preform such actions if you are unsure about your local law and to avoid breaking the law.

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另外,根據中國文化,相信因惡業而投生到餓鬼道的已故人,在中元節期間會被解脫出來,到人道拜訪他們的家人, 因此,家人會準備食物、香火和祭品供已故的人享用。

在香港鬼月期間,人們會在街上準備食物(以避免鬼魂跟隨回家),食物主要是素食產品(避免肉食以防止後期產生更多惡業)包括豆腐,芽菜,水果,龍眼,花生,糖果和冷水飯(所有食物通常都是冷的,因為餓鬼道是熱的)他們還會準備紅燭、香和紙錢供品,包括幽衣、陰司紙、往生淨土咒 ,願已故者能善用之,達至淨土。 蠟燭、香和供品將在食物旁邊燃燒,在儀式結束時,人們通常會在回家前把所有東西都扔掉,也不帶任何東西回家。

請注意,在某些國家/地區,在公共場所焚燒紙張或遺留食物被視為違法行為。 如果您不確定當地法律,請勿執行,以免觸犯法律。

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