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Cleansing new house by worship the four corners of the new house 拜四角步驟方法

Worship the Four Corners at New Home Method

The steps to worship the four corners

  1. Open all the windows if the house, make sure that the house has sufficient fresh air.
  2. Fill in the address of the new home and the name of the whole family of the owner from the oldest to the youngest in order at the house deed joss paper. This symbolize to notify all the spirit in the house that the owner and family are about to move in.
  3. Place the set of Joss paper which has the Guan Yin Clad Joss Paper in the center of the house, and the other 4 set of joss paper at each corner of the house.
  4. Prepare 5 set of oblations, served with paper cups and plates, each oblation should have one apple, one orange, one plate of shelled peanuts, 5 candies, a little raw white rice, 1 cup of water and a plate of five colored beans with a few numbers of beans included red, green, eyebrow, black, and yellow.
  5. Light up the incense sticks and walk around the entire house once with them, including the toilet and kitchen, make a wish in your heart, such as a good house etc.
  6. Insert incense sticks and a pair of lighted candles next to all of the joss papers at 5 places safely.
  7. Until the incense sticks and the pair of candles burns out, put away all the oblation joss papers and deed. Burn the joss papers and deed at an opened legal safe area outside of the house and wait until the fire is naturally extinguished before cleaning up the scene.
  8. Clean up the house with a new broom, start from the corner of the house, and remove the garbage by sweeping to the center of the house, then sweep out the door, which symbolizes sweeping away the filth.

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  1. 打開所有的窗戶,確保房子有足夠的新鮮空氣。
  2. 在地契填上新居地址, 日期, 順序從屋主填寫全家姓名由長至幼。通知單位內所有靈界神明即將入夥。
  3. 把有拜觀音衣的祭祀燒紙放在屋中央, 四份拜地主祭祀燒紙放在屋各四角, 祭祀燒紙不要燒。
  4. 準備祭品5份,用紙杯碟盛載,每份大致要有:蘋果一個, 橙一個, 有殼花生一碟, 糖果5粒, 白米少許, 水一杯, 五色豆(紅,綠,眉,黑,黃豆)各少許。每一份祭品放在每一份祭祀燒紙旁。
  5. 點香繞著全屋拜一次, 包括廁所及廚房, 心中許願, 如家宅安康 出入平安等吉祥話。
  6. 將香分別插於廳中央及四角, 蠟燭每處放一對, 合共5對。
  7. 順序收起所有衣紙和地契, 在戶外安全合法地方進行化寶, 將金銀衣紙點燃於化寶盤內, 待火種自然熄滅, 方可清理現場, 用新掃把打掃, 由屋角落開始, 將垃圾掃至廳中央, 再掃出大門, 象徵掃走污穢。

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