Luopan Feng Shui Compass in Wooden Box 羅盤連木盒

This Luopan Feng Shui compass came with a wooden box with dragon and phoenix graphic on the box. It has been keep at our stock for a while, like new. The Luopan Feng Shui compass is used by Feng Shui practitioner to determine Feng Shui position. Box size is about 25cm x 25cm x 5.5cm, the Luopan Feng Shui compass’s diameter is about 20.3cm.

這個羅盤有一個木盒,盒子上有龍鳳圖案。它已經在我們的庫存中存放了一段時間,就像新的一樣。羅盤是風水從業者用來確定風水位置的。盒子尺寸約為25cm x 25cm x 5.5cm,羅盤的直徑約為20.3cm。


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